Our Story

Marriage is a blessing that defies words. We feel honoured to be a part of the vision you hold for your wedding day. Thank you.

We derive great joy from the process of creating a simple, personalised gift of thankfulness for you. It is important to us to reduce the pressure of the wedding planning process in a small way by making things as easy as possible.

Our Bees

Kelly and I have been keeping bees for more than 8 years nurturing hives in the heart of Newcastle. We began with one backyard hive to pollinate our vegetables and since then our love of bees has seen us bring bees to homes all over the Hunter Valley with our business Urban Hum. We are passionate about our bees and we never tire of opening our hives to see their hard work. We love what we do.

Our Honey

Kelly and I are so happy we can provide you with the opportunity to offer your wedding guests the sweetest of thank you favours, pure Australian honey sourced from the beautiful Stroud region in New South Wales.

We take a very traditional approach to honey production, all the honey is raw and hundred percent natural, just as the bees made it. The honey is not processed in any way. All ingredients added to produce our 7 varieties of honey are Certified Organic.

All the honey is produced by beekeepers we trust, who care about their bees as much as we do. We work closely with them to ensure you are giving an ethical and sustainable product that helps support healthy honey bees in Australia. So you can feel good about this sweet gift of thanks for your guests.

Our Journey

We have been together for over 10 years and have built a life in Newcastle. We share a life of passionate interest in art, nature and bees.

We work and live together bringing the joy of bees and honey to as many people as we can. Three years ago we had a commitment ceremony with all our friends and family present. The ceremony took place in Stroud NSW and that is when we first fell in love with this pristine area. Now with the changes to marriage laws we look forward to legalising our union and helping many more same sex couples, indeed all couples regardless of sexuality celebrate their love.

Love Anna and Kelly xx