Our Honey Varieties

Raw Honey Flavour

Raw Honey

Straight from the hive to you. Our honey is not processed in any way and therefore none of its goodness is compromised.

Vanilla Honey Flavour

Vanilla Honey

Raw honey infused with a Natural Vanilla Bean. We have been told many times that this is an irresistible combination.
(currently unavailable)

Cinnamon Honey Flavour

Cinnamon Honey

This is a very popular choice of honey. We add Certified Organic Cinnamon powder to our creamed honey to produce a taste sensation you will find hard to resist.

Creamed Honey Flavour

Creamed Honey

Our golden honey produces a lovely light colored creamed honey. We simply whip our raw honey to produce a fine textured creamed honey. There is nothing added.

Lavender Honey Flavour

Lavender Honey

Our lavender honey is our raw unprocessed honey infused with natural locally grown and dried Lavender Augustifolia.

Ginger Honey Flavour

Ginger Honey

We add fresh Certified Organic Ginger to our creamed honey to create our natural ginger honey.

Wattleseed Flavour

Wattleseed Honey

Raw Honey infused with Australian roasted and ground Wattleseed sourced from Central Australia. This variety has a sensational aroma of a mixture of coffee, hazelnut and chocolate.