Choose a Wedding Favour That’s as Special as Your Day!

For some their wedding day is the most important day of their life and should be a day filled with love, happiness and cheer.

With everything to consider and meticulous planning, sometimes the whole prospect can seem overwhelming and important tasks are easily forgotten.

Your guests are a special part of your day and a simple yet thoughtful wedding favour can go a long way to showing those you love just how much their company meant to you!

Here are four weird and wonderful wedding favour ideas:

Personalised Marshmallow

If it’s good enough for a royal – it’s good enough for me! Created by Kate Middleton’s very own brother BOMFF is a business that creates personalised marshmallows.

A quirky creation that surprising to it is owner, has lead to the tasty favours being a popular wedding favour. Complete with photos BOMFF’s marshmallows can even double as a placeholder, how cools that.

Wedding Sprinkles

DIY lovers unite!

Wedding sprinkles are a cute and relatively easy way to create a fun and memorable wedding favour for your guests.

Consisting of nothing more than a glass jar, custom sprinkle mix and a heartfelt message – wedding sprinkles are a ridiculously affordable way to thank your guests.

Sprinkles come in all shapes and sizes so customising the jars to fit your unique theme is a piece of cake.

Wedding Popcorn

Let’s get it poppin! Edible favours always go down a treat and let’s face it who doesn’t love popcorn, whether it be children or adults your guest are going to enjoy these delicious favours.

Popcorn can also be a healthier alternative to lollie themed favours and the is an option to personalise your popcorn box – choosing your ideal color palette and even incorporating a special message for your guests.

Wedding Honey

It’s meant to bee!

Pairing a simplistic style with beautiful golden honey wedding honey favours are a unique and generous wedding favour.

Allowing you to select your ideal flavour from a selection of award winning raw honey sourced from bees in rural New South Wales, Wedding Honey also has a variety of honey infused with flavours such as vanilla and lavender.

Paired with your choice of lid, jar and label design – Wedding Honey is the perfect wedding favour!

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